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Forensic Services

What is Forensic Science?

Forensic Science involves the “collection,
preservation and validation of evidence” as well as
the “investigation and analysis of the data, and the
preparation of a report for the authorities.” (SANS
GIAC Forensics Track Description)

Why Digital Forensic Investigations?

To providing answers relating to digital events so
that the evidence is admissible in a court of law or a
judicial inquiry.

What Services are available from CITS?

Conventional Standalone Investigative Support
CITS can extract evidence stored on many different
types of electronic/ optical media such as:

• Desktop computers,
• Servers,
• Laptops,
• PDA’s,
• Cell Phones,
• USB storage devices.

This process includes:

• Seizure of computers and associated media.
• Acquisition and retention of images pending an
• Investigation and analysis of captured media
• Technical reporting and/or investigative
• Provide expert evidence in court or at
arbitration hearing.

Forensic Infrastructure Support

CITS has assisted many organisations in starting up
their forensic investigation services based on the
Guidance Software Encase Enterprise Solution.

This includes:
• The development of policies and procedures
that are in line with South African law and
government regulations.
• The development of forensic laboratories and
related infrastructure to conduct leading-edge
industry standard forensic investigations.

Case Management

CITS has for many years developed a Case
Management Methodology that has been designed
around the best practice across the industry.
CITS Case Management Methodology have been
court and judicial proven both internationally and

The CITS Case Management Methodology is used
by various departments within the:

• Law Enforcement,
• Government,
• Banking,
• Mining,
• Medical and
• Manufacturing environments.

Incident Project Management

Using Industry Standard Incident Management
Methodology, CITS can assist organisations through
the incident investigation life cycle. CITS can also
be contracted to manage this process with internal
and/or external resources, including services such

• Attorney – Legal Advice,
• Assistance with Anton Pillar orders,
• Assistance in drafting Section 205 order
• Crime Scene Management,
• Data seizure,
• Data analysis,
• Reporting and Expert Testimony.

CITS Digital Forensic Examiners handles every
case in a professional manner and maintain an
objective and neutral stand.

CITS has a proven track record with the best of
breed solutions and has the ability to do
investigations on either static systems or in a live

Peer review and evidence validation

CITS has the ability to do:

• Peer review on reports compiled by other
computer forensics experts and provide
constructive criticism.
• Evidence validation against original evidence
as well as against most common industry
standard images.