Custom-made I.T Solutions​

Our Business
Our Business Philosophy
C.I.T.S. is a leading Information Security and digital forensic solution provider which has operated in South-Africa, Centurion since 1997.

Our name says it all. By providing tailored solutions to our customers C.I.T.S. has build a reputation for delivering only the highest quality service and products to an industry that will not accept anything less.
C.I.T.S is the leading provider of the digital forensic solutions to the industry. C.I.T.S leverages its exclusive mandate with multiple OEM suppliers to provide world leading solutions to our customers. Our business encompasses an impressive range of products including internationally preferred brands.

Additional to the supply of forensic products we also provide the relating support  services and training. C.I.T.S. also boosts with a onsite 24 seat computer equipped forensic training facility, providing vendor specific and tailored courses to forensic practitioners.

C.I.T.S. provides customers with a one stop digital forensic shop. The objective is to get customers self sufficient performing investigations. Were required C.I.T.S. can provide a fully outsourced service, in-sourced service with our investigators assisting in areas where internal skills may be limited or the providing of turnkey labs.
C.I.T.S lives by our philosophy “Simple solutions for complex problems”.

In the living by this business philosophy we always attempt to match the best possible solution to the clients business needs.
Innovation and creativity
Our Customers
We encourage our customers, people and suppliers to solve problems through innovation and creativity and to seize opportunities.
Consistent with our business of sourcing and ensuring availability of the highest quality products we have a powerful commitment to customer service.
Our People
We provide our customers with the best service possible based on the understanding that we need their long-term loyalty and support.
We treat our people with dignity and respect and are committed to help them reach their full potential through development and training.

We also encourage them to participate in decisions that influence their daily working lives.
Our Relationships
We create a mutually beneficial long-term relationships with our customers, people and suppliers.
At all times act with integrity, both internally and externally.